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A Home For Life Residential Assisted Living Collaborative is comprised of professionals all with a heart for caring.

Carolyn Clement

Carolyn Clement

Owner / Administrator – Bright Assisted Living

Carolyn is an amazing owner and operator of Bright Assisted Living, one of the only residential assisted living homes in Windsor, Colorado. Her house is amazing inside and out. Residents can enjoy family visits, daily hobbies, great food, and fun activities. She has the best employees to care for residents at all hours of the day and night.



Terry Lake Assisted Living Todd and Cheri Robbins

Cheri and Todd Robbins

Owner / Administrator – Terry Lake Assisted Living

Cheri and Todd love what they do. Cheri has a background in physical therapy with over 30 years of experience and Todd has a background in Pharmaceuticals. Both are seen at Terry Lake frequently to make sure guests are well cared for. Residents enjoy delicious home-cooked meals, and activities several times a day. Todd and Cheri have done many upgrades to their home, making it really comfortable, well laid out, clean, safe, and wheelchair accessible throughout inside and outside.  

(970) 221-3707


Michelle Westerman

Owner / Administrator – Live To Assist

Michelle loves caring for Seniors. She brings positive loving energy into the home. Her house is warm, cozy, clean, all one level with wheelchair accessibility throughout the living spaces, rooms, and outside. The backyard has a well-maintained yard and garden that attracts wildlife like deer, rabbits, squirrels and birds, offer residents a peaceful and relaxing atmosphere. Cooking, games, hobbies, visits from family and Michelle’s children, fill the house with fun and excitement every day.

(720) 329-7933


Rachel Robertson

Owner / Administrator – Turnberry Place

Rachel Robertson loves taking care of seniors. You will usually find her at Turnberry Place, having fun, turning up the music, dancing with the residents, making sure everyone is comfortable and well cared for. She does an amazing job every day caring for her employees and residents. Games, hobbies, cooking, parties, visits from family, and the beautiful views from the backyard of the Sunsets over the greens of the Fort Collins Country Club and backdrop of the Rocky Mountains make her home lively and serene.

(970) 692-3850


Greg Baustert

Owner / Administer – Seneca House


Greg worked tirelessly to convert a unique and beautiful home in Southwest Fort Collins into Seneca House Assisted Living. He ensures residents at Seneca House enjoy living there with a team of professional, kind caregivers, daily activities, visits from family, the warm water swim pool, delicious food, and a relaxing atmosphere.

(303) 570-1169


Melisa & Erin Ellis

Erin and Melisa Ellis

Owner / Administrator – Monarch Greens

Meet Erin and Melisa, owners and operators who live at Monarch Greens themselves. They are on hand to make sure residents and employees are happy and the home is gorgeous inside and out. They are both incredibly kind, wonderful people who love caring for seniors, enjoy gardening and fixing things. Residents can enjoy family visits, stimulating conversations, hobbies, daily activities, great  meals and exercise.

(970) 218-5057


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