what is residential assisted Living?

Residential Assisted Living: Assisted Living, Just Better.

Personalized care in a real home

Today, assisted living communities aren’t the only housing option for older adults in need of care. Another option is a residential assisted living home, also known as an assisted living residence, or personal care home.
Our homes provide person centered care to small groups of senior adults. In northern Colorado the homes usually provide care for 5-10 individuals each.
Residential assisted living homes are typically found in quiet residential neighborhoods. They are often large private homes that were converted and developed for small group living. Think of the beautiful home shared by the Golden Girls staffed with a professional caregiver around the clock.


What's not included?

Typically not provided:
Certain types of medical-level care, like wandering, feeding or treatment of open bedsores
The level of amenities and recreational activities you may find in an independent or assisted living community

What expenses are not covered with monthly fee:
Personal preferred hygiene and foods not shared by all residents
Incontinence Supplies
Personal transportation


Who is a good fit?

Ideal for older adults who dislike the larger, institutional-type living situation found in most independent and assisted living communities. In a residential assisted living home, your older adult can live as normal a life as they’re able. They can go shopping, have friends and family visit whenever they want, go for walks, dine out, etc. It’s a great option for those who can’t live independently, but hate the idea of being in a large institutional setting. It’s like assisted living, just better.

What are the amenities?

Residential assisted living homes typically offer:
A single or shared room (not an apartment)
Shared bathrooms
Congregate Meals 3x daily
Regular Snacks
Personal care
Most provide supervision and help with activities of daily living like:
Dressing and grooming
Moving around
Storing and administering medication
Toileting and incontinence care

What care is provided?

A residential assisted living home provides a higher level of care than a typical assisted living community, but a lower level than a skill nursing facility. Generally an individual is a fit for residential assisted living when they need consistent 1 to 1 assistance with an activity of daily living (ADL), or a cognitive impairment like dementia requires regular 24 hour supervision for their safety.
The biggest difference is that there’s more personalized care and regular direct staff relations because each home has few residents.
Each home is independently owned and operated and has a unique style and culture of its own. It’s important to find out from each home just what services they will and won’t provide.

What does it cost?

In Northern Colorado, a residential assisted living home typically costs between $4,000 and $6,900 a month for a private bedroom depending on level of care required. Discounts are often available for shared rooms.

Payments accepted are usually private pay, money from VA Aid & Attendance, and long-term care insurance. Medicaid is usually accepted based on shared room availability in conjunction with the InnovAge PACE program.


Dementia Friendly

For people with Alzheimer’s or dementia, living in a smaller home with fewer people can reduce anxiety and stress. The intimate environment makes it easier for caregivers to get to know individuals and their specific needs. And the individual with dementia can find a comfortable, safe and familiar lifestyle that they expect.

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